Star Wars Zulus

I wouldn’t call myself a Star Wars junkie but I couldn’t resist this! These will be tons of fun to make and wear. Heres the very first in a series of Star Wars inspired Zulus. This is the “Yoda” strap : ). I hope to make each strap in the series totally unique.  

This particular design can be replicated about 12 times. Still waiting on other materials from Japan. So be on the lookout for others over the next 4 months : )


New Customizable Canvas Straps

This innovative new technique will allow me to print or draw custom designs onto my products. The scales are a custom pen and ink hand drawing. This design is the first so many more will follow. If interested please inquire. Can also accept your own drawings or sketches. Can be made as a 2 piece strap or 3/5 ring Zulus. Designs are waterproof and will withstand abuse and exposure to the elements. The canvas material, although a light color, will clean up easily with soap and water. Thanks and enjoy!







New One Size Fits All 5 Ring Zulu

In hopes to bring more people to the world if one piece straps, I adjusted the dimensions and placement if rings to provide a unique Zulu style strap that does not require the tail end to be folded back through the rings. It will be worn more like a traditional strap with buckle placed under the wrist. The rings are positioned to hold the tail in place no matter the wrist size. The new design will accommodate a wrist circumference of 6.25″-8″. No need for measuring, just provide a lug width : )





Linen Collection

The linen Zulu collection keeps growing. I have been blessed with an opportunity to showcase the new straps in a brick and mortar store. The straps will be sold in midtown Atlanta at the boutique Crafted Westside. The collection will be sold as part of a women’s gift set including a variety of quartz watches. Don’t forget your wives this holiday season : )
And guys, by no means are the linen straps girly. They are really nice!

Here’s the latest and several pictures of the new materials.
The new one is solid grey with orange stitch.

Also pictured….
Orange, red, olive, charcoal with fine navy stripe, dirty denim, blue and white stripe, bronze, and maroon.