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I can also be found on Etsy, Watchfreeks, and Watchuseek, or just search n80 leather

Pricing Guide

Prices listed do not include shipping costs.  Prices vary based on complexity, cost of materials, and supply.

Economy Style NATO or Zulu (any metal or finish; titanium, brass, CuSn8 bronze, aluminum bronze, stainless steel, or PVD): $45

Minimal Stitch Horween Leather Strap $80

Basic Two Piece Horween Leather Strap $95

Premium Lined zulus or NATO $95

Linen Zulu or NATO $95-115

Basic Two Piece Cotton Canvas Strap (with leather lining or solid canvas) $115-145

Cordura Nylon Canvas Strap (leather lined) $115-145

Historic Canvas or Ammo Leather Straps $115-145



Dear N80 client and watch enthusiast. Due to an increase in strap styles, offerings, and custom order requests it has become necessary to streamline this process. If I am to provide the best possible experience for you and others please help me gather the necessary info.  I’ll be happy to help you find any info needed.  Your invoice is very important and provides the instructions for me to build your order.

Please first visit my blog Go to the SIZING GUIDE section, read in order understand a proper wrist measurement. Please do not measure a strap from buckle to hole. In some cases there is up to a 1.5-inch discrepancy.   This can be disastrous on highly customized pieces.

Will need these details to complete an invoice.

  1. Strap Type? (NATO, 3 ring zulu, 5 ring zulu, zulu hybrid, or 2 piece)
  2. Strap material and color? Provide pic or reference if possible
  3. Lug width?
  4. Preferred strap lengths or accurate wrist circumference?
  5. Thread color?
  6. Buckle or hardware type/finish?
  7. Keeper configuration?
  8. Any other requests.
  9. Your paypal email address? I also have an etsy store where credit/debit cards are accepted.



20 thoughts on “Contact, Order Inquiry, Disclaimer, Pricing Guide

  1. michael

    Was wondering on the maverick strap how much with black hardware and how long is the turn around time for california size 22? Thank you.

  2. Martin


    Came across your straps and love them!!! Amazing looking craftsmanship and quality

    I’m looking. For the bronze buccaneer was it, as a two piece. Can you do that? I’d also love an olive wax canvas for my bronzo

    People are going to freak at these combos,bill do a review on Instagram, whole inner circle on there


    Ps, is your canvas waterproof? Thanks again

  3. Olga

    Good day! I would like to buy the strap of watch ( I see to Instagram from stefango_ the strap how I want on watch luminox a1945). Can you do it like foto and how I can do order? Please ask me, it’s very important to me, because it’s present for my husband.

  4. Jenifer

    Hi! I would like to buy a canvas strap for my husbands birthday which is the second week of May. If I order the strap by next weekend which is April 17th will it be here by then? I live in northwest Indian by the way.

  5. Herb Maynard

    Hello, I’m inquiring about the price of the bronze buccaneer? Or do you have a price list ? Thanks Herb.

    1. Herb, I’m currently unable to take orders. In July I will begin again with zero wait time so jump on early if still interested. It takes only a few weeks for that wait time to rise to 6-8 weeks and it’s the only time of year there is no wait. Prices for premium lined Zulus are $95. The large bronze buckles are extra and not supplied by me. There are a number of sources for them and I can order one for you.

  6. Jay Hilty

    Hi – I’m interested in a canvas/cordura strap in a grey or light/weathered green. This is for the summer in hot climate, so no leather on the wrist, although a sandwich could be OK. I don’t see too many grey canvas examples on your site, so could you let me know my options.


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