Sizing Guide **Nickel Test**

Please when ordering be sure to provide this information.  In order to bring you the best strap possible I need good sizing info.  It is no extra charge or extra work to make these accommodations and is well worth the time to discover and share before I begin production of your strap.  I need to know your wrist size and if your watch will pass the “nickel” test.

Standard NATO/Zulu Guide…

Strap Measurments

Standard 2 Piece Strap Guide…

6.0″ – 6.25″ (15cm – 15.9cm)    =  75mm x 120mm
6.25″ – 7.0 (16cm – 17.5cm)     =  75mm x 125mm
7.0″ – 7.5″ (17.6cm – 18.9cm)   =  80mm x 130mm
7.5″ – 8.0″ (18.9cm – 20cm)      =  85mm x 135mm
8.0″ – 8.5″ (20.1cm – 21.3cm)   =  90mm x 140mm
8.5″ – 9.0″ (21.4cm – 23cm)      =  100mm x 150mm


Each wrist and every watch come with minor nuances that can affect the comfort of your strap.  I want to ensure your happiness and make every effort to as accurately as possible provide you with the correct fit.  This will require you to do some self tailoring…

The premium canvas/leather Zulus cannot be cut to size so please take the time to carefully measure your wrist.  DON’T GUESS!

To measure, simply use a strip of paper, wrap around your wrist where your watch normally rests, mark the length, and measure inches or mm from the end to your mark.  I find it is best not to use a sting but any method that gets you within a 1/4 inch or closest centimeter will do.

Please provide your wrist size to the closest 1/4 inch or centimeter when placing an order.


The US nickel is approximately 1.95mm in thickness.  The nickel test is used to determine how much space you have between watchcase and spring bar.   I attempt to make all my straps approximately 1.75mm in thickness to ensure they fit ANY watch but on occasion it is nice to have a thicker leather where needed or wanted.  See pics below…If your watchcase won’t hold a nickel NO PROBLEM, just an important factor you may not have considered.  Be sure to request a thicker strap if you thats what your after.

photo image

Thanks,  Dustin Ross,  N80


2 thoughts on “Sizing Guide **Nickel Test**

  1. Marc

    Hello, I think your straps are beautiful! Now I would like to place an order. Despite your very nice website, it is a little bit difficult for my to understand how this all works. I am from Holland, can speak and read English very well but in this case maybe not quite good enough. Can you please help me placing an order? thank you so much!

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